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AT89C2051-24SU - 微控制器, 8位, 高性能 CMOS代理商原装现货深圳专门生斐熙电子王强

类别:公司动态 发布时间:2017-7-17  阅读:201 发布企业: 斐熙电子香港有限公司
摘要:AT89C2051-24SU - 微控制器, 8位, 高性能 CMOS, AT89C2051, 24 MHz, 2 KB, 128 Byte, 20 引脚, SOIC
AT89C2051-24SU - 微控制器, 8位, 高性能 CMOS, AT89C2051, 24 MHz, 2 KB, 128 Byte, 20 引脚, SOIC产品信息

针脚数:20引脚存储器容量, RAM:128Byte电源电压最小值:4V封装:每个输入/输出数:15输入产品范围:8051 MicrocontrollersMCU 封装类型:SOIC电源电压最大值:6VCPU速度:24MHz程序内存大小:2KB汽车质量标准:-嵌入式接口类型:UART控制器系列:AT89C2051MSL: MSL 2 - 1年

The AT89C2051-24SU is a 8-bit low-voltage, high-performance CMOS Microcomputer with 2kB of flash programmable and erasable read-only memory (PEROM). The device is manufactured using Atmel's high-density non-volatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry-standard MCS-51 instruction set. By combining a versatile 8-bit CPU with flash on a monolithic chip, the Atmel AT89C2051 is a powerful microcomputer which provides a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution to many embedded control applications. The AT89C2051 provides the following standard features, 2kB of flash, 128 bytes of RAM, 15 I/O lines, two 16-bit timer/counters, a five vector two-level interrupt architecture, a full duplex serial port, a precision analogue comparator, on-chip oscillator and clock circuitry. In addition, the AT89C2051 is designed with static logic for operation down to zero frequency and supports two software selectable power saving modes.

Compatible with MCS®-51 products

2kB Reprogrammable flash memory

10,000 Write/erase cycles endurance

Two-level program memory lock

128 x 8-bit internal RAM

15 Programmable I/O lines

Two 16-bit timer/counters

Six interrupt sources

Programmable serial UART channel

Direct LED drive outputs

On-chip analogue comparator